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Future Hornsby

Council has now finalised the Hornsby Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) that sets out a 20-year vision for land use; the special character and values that are to be preserved; shared community values; and how Hornsby Shire Council will manage growth and change.

The LSPS provides an understanding of the current planning context for Hornsby Shire under the themes of Liveable, Sustainable, Productive and Collaborative. It examines how expected changes in our population over the next 20 years will influence how we provide for our community. The planning priorities identified within the LSPS will help guide land use decisions and earmark changes to our local land use plans, strategies and policies over the next 20 years.

To view the Hornsby Local Strategic Planning Statement via the NSW Planning Portal, please click HERE

Thank you for your feedback

Thank you for your feedback on the draft Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS). The public exhibition period for the draft LSPS concluded on 16th October 2019. The feedback received during this period was critical in refining Council’s 20-year vision and ensuring that the strategic planning priorities and actions identified will contribute to a more liveable, sustainable, productive and collaborative Hornsby. For further information on the feedback received during the public exhibition period, please refer to the Community Engagement Final Outcomes Report.

Current Exhibitions

October 2018
LEP Review and Health Check

November 2018 to July 2019
Preparation of technical studies (and preliminary engagement)

March to May 2019
Preparation of draft Local Strategic Planning Statement

19 August 2019
Public exhibition of draft Local Strategic Planning Statement

February 2020
Council report detailing feedback received during public exhibition

March 2020
Final Local Strategic Planning Statement adopted by Council and sent to Department of Planning and Environment