Future Hornsby Town Centre

The Hornsby Town Centre Review (HTC Review) project will provide a strategic framework that can facilitate the revitalisation of the Hornsby Town Centre to make it a more liveable, green and accessible centre for the community.

We want to strengthen the economic, employment and housing capacities of the Centre and enhance its public domain, liveability, accessibility, safety, environmental sustainability and visual appeal through quality design and landscape outcomes.

The changes envisioned for the Hornsby Town Centre are large scale.

Various heights and densities of apartment buildings and employment floorspaces are being considered to be able to provide the bulk of our future housing and employment targets within our major urban and commercial centre.

This reflects a key priority in our Local Strategic Planning Statement to protect the character of our low-density neighbourhoods. Council’s adopted Housing Strategy acknowledges that over 4,000 new units could be accommodated within the Town Centre between now and 2036.

Where are we up to?

Council is carefully working through the draft master planning process and traffic and transport analysis to ensure that the revitalisation framework can be successfully implemented and meets the vision and principles agreed on through the preparation of Council’s Local Strategic Planning Statement.

The required traffic and transport analysis associated with the draft masterplan is at the stage of testing development scenarios and modelling the required traffic interventions which is anticipated to be completed by the end of the year.

Further consultation is currently being undertaken with State Government agencies, including Department of Planning, Industry and Environment and Transport for NSW.

Following the local Government elections this year, the new Council will be briefed on the HTC Review and the results of the traffic and transport analysis. Council would then be in a position to endorse the exhibition of the draft concepts to seek community and stakeholder feedback.

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Local Strategic Planning Statement

In March 2020, Council finalised the Hornsby Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) that sets out a 20-year vision for managing growth and change. The planning priorities identified within the LSPS will help guide land use decisions and earmark changes to our local land use plans, strategies and policies over the next 20 years.

View the Local Strategic Planning Statement

We thank the community for involvement in the public exhibition. The feedback received during the public exhibition period is available below.

Community Engagement Final Outcomes Report

Council is completing a broad range of Studies which will inform future amendments to the LSPS. Details on the Studies is available below.

Areas of Studies

October 2021
Adoption of Hornsby Thematic History

July 2021
Adoption of Community and Cultural Facilities Strategic Plan

May to June 2021
Draft Hornsby Thematic History and Aboriginal Heritage Study on Exhibition

May 2021
Adoption of Economic Development and Tourism Strategy, Play Plan, Employment Land Study and Seniors Housing Demand and Supply Review

March 2021
Adoption of Sustainable Hornsby 2040 Strategy, Biodiversity Conservation Strategy, Urban Forest Strategy Water Sensitive Hornsby Strategy and Climate Wise Hornsby Plan

February 2021
Community Consultation—Archaeological and Landscape Heritage Studies on exhibition

November 2020
Draft Community and Cultural Facilities Strategic Plan on exhibition

October 2020
Draft Economic Development and Tourism Strategy 2020-2025, Draft Employment Land Study, Draft Play Plan, Draft Walking and Cycling Strategy and Hornsby Thematic History on exhibition

September 2020
Draft Sustainable Hornsby 2040, draft Biodiversity Conservation Strategy, draft Urban Forest Strategy, draft Water Sensitive Hornsby Strategy, draft Climate Wise Hornsby Plan and draft Rural Lands Study on exhibition

August 2020
Draft Hornsby Housing Strategy and Draft Seniors Housing Demand and Supply Review on Exhibition

March 2020
Final Local Strategic Planning Statement adopted by Council and sent to Department of Planning and Environment

February 2020
Council report detailing feedback received during public exhibition

19 August 2019
Public exhibition of draft Local Strategic Planning Statement

March to May 2019
Preparation of draft Local Strategic Planning Statement

November 2018 to July 2019
Preparation of technical studies (and preliminary engagement)

October 2018
LEP Review and Health Check