Sustainable Hornsby 2040 Strategy

This strategy provides an overarching framework to achieve an innovative and environmentally sustainable Shire with resilient, diverse and thriving communities and ecosystems.

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Council’s Environmental Sustainability Strategy – Sustainable Hornsby 2040 is part of the Sustainability theme of the Community Strategic Plan. Sustainable Hornsby 2040 is the overarching environmental sustainability strategy for Council that draws together several supporting documents outlined below.

The Strategy acknowledges the many challenges posed by climate change, population growth and urban intensification and provides a vision for a sustainable future.

Biodiversity Conservation Strategy
Urban Forest Strategy
Water Sensitive Hornsby Strategy
Climate Wise Hornsby Plan
Waste Matters Strategy (adopted February 2020)

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The Strategy is part of a broad range of sustainability initiatives being implemented through Hornsby Council.

The exhibition period was from 10 September to 13 November 2020.

Based on feedback from the community a number of amendments were made to document. To see a comparison on what changed please click here.