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Hornsby Thematic History

The Hornsby Thematic History was endorsed by Council at its meeting on 13 October 2021.

The Hornsby Thematic History, prepared by GML Heritage, is the first project to be completed under Year 1 of the Comprehensive Heritage Study four-year programme. It is an update of Hornsby’s previous thematic history completed in 1993 and has been prepared to align with NSW Historical Themes, fill the gaps from the previous thematic history prepared over 25 years ago.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Thematic History2021-11-03T14:37:44+10:00

A thematic history provides a broad historical context for understanding the patterns and forces that shaped an area over time. It identifies locally distinctive themes to structure the history. A theme can unite a variety of actions, events, functions, people and dates, it helps to prevent any concentration on a particular type of item, period or event of history.

The thematic history is not intended to be a detailed account of all aspects of the history of an area, nor to replace histories designed to serve other purposes.

The development of the thematic history will align with the 36 New South Wales Historical Themes as defined by Heritage NSW. However as noted by Heritage NSW ‘Not all themes are relevant throughout the state…[and] local themes will not necessarily fit neatly into the state thematic framework.’

What were the objectives of the Hornsby Thematic History?2021-11-10T15:20:02+10:00

The project objectives were:

  • To prepare a new thematic history to reflect the course and pattern of Aboriginal occupation, land use and the development of Hornsby Shire as it exists today.
  • To specifically include Aboriginal occupation, history and heritage, landscape heritage, the impact of post war and modern (post- 1960) development and all other relevant aspects of environmental heritage.
  • To examine, identify and characterise what is unique about Hornsby Shire in a thematic context.
  • To create specific local themes relevant to contemporary communities, that have regard to the 36 NSW State Themes.
  • To explain the major factors that have influenced the history and heritage of Hornsby Shire and shaped its distinctive character in an engaging, contemporary and usable format.
  • To provide a thematic history that can ensure the historical development and unique character of Hornsby can be reflected in Council’s subsequent studies to be completed under the Comprehensive Heritage Study program timeline and Action Plan 2019.
Does the Hornsby Thematic History identify potential heritage items for listing?2021-11-10T15:20:49+10:00

The Thematic History does not identify specific areas, places, periods, structures or sites for the inclusion in Council’s heritage schedule. The project sets up the framework for the subsequent heritage studies.

Who was the Consultant Team?2021-11-03T14:40:00+10:00

The draft Hornsby Thematic History was prepared by GML Heritage with a project team comprised of the Chief Executive Officer and Partner and two professional historians/heritage consultants with over 20 years’ experience in Aboriginal and historical cultural heritage fields.

What are the next steps?2021-11-10T15:23:33+10:00

The Hornsby Thematic History will be used to inform the subsequent projects under the Comprehensive Heritage Study identified in the Hornsby Heritage Action Plan in order to meet its commitment to the conservation and promotion of natural and cultural heritage through updating Council’s heritage management policies. It will also establish the foundation of heritage considerations for Hornsby Shire by explaining locally distinctive themes, assisting identification and protection of our local heritage.

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