Climate Wise Hornsby Plan

Climate change is one of the many challenges facing our community, and Council has aligned itself with both the State target of reaching Net Zero Emissions by 2050 and Federal target of the Paris Agreement within a financially sustainable framework.

In responding to the challenge of climate change, actions have often fallen into one of two categories: mitigation efforts to lower or remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere, and adaptation measures to reduce our vulnerability to the effects of climate change. Both approaches are required, and the Climate Wise Hornsby Plan provides a framework for Council on how it responds to climate change.

The Climate Wise Hornsby Plan fits under the Environmental Sustainability Strategy – Sustainable Hornsby 2040 and is part of the Sustainability theme of the Community Strategic Plan.

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The plan is part of a broad range of sustainability initiatives being implemented through Hornsby Council.

The exhibition period was from 10 September to 13 November 2020.

Based on feedback from the community a number of amendments were made to document. To see a comparison on what changed please click here.