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Hornsby Local Housing Strategy 2020

Council has recently finalised the Hornsby Local Housing Strategy 2020 which aligns with the recently completed Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) and reinforces the priorities of promoting design excellence, protecting the landscape character of our low-density neighbourhoods and conserving and promoting our natural, built and cultural heritage. 

The draft Housing Strategy confirms that, due to the development activity which has occurred since the 2011 Housing Strategy, Council can meet its housing targets set by the State Government for the next 10 years under its current planning scheme.

It sets out the following priorities for the medium to long term:  

  • Focus future housing supply in the Hornsby Town Centre and State government land at Cherrybrook Station;
  • Commence a review of the Pennant Hills Road Corridor subsequent to the opening of NorthConnex; and
  • Further investigations are required into housing diversity and affordability.

You may wish to review the draft Seniors Housing Demand and Supply Review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Council decide to undertake a new Housing Strategy?2020-07-31T11:42:43+10:00

All Councils in NSW are required to prepare a Local Housing Strategy to set out the priorities, actions and capacity for housing in a local area to demonstrate how housing supply targets outlined in the State Government’s North District Plan will be met. 

What is the North District Plan?2020-07-31T11:54:00+10:00

The North District Plan was released by the Greater Sydney Commission in March 2018. It provides a 20-year plan to manage growth. It aims to enhance the liveability, productivity and sustainability of Sydney into the future and sets out planning priorities and actions for councils to respond to and address in their planning policies.

The Plan includes the following action for housing:

Action 17

            Prepare local or district housing strategies that address the following:

  1. The delivery of five-year housing supply targets for each local government area.
  2. The delivery of 6–10-year (when agreed) housing supply targets for each local government area.
  3. Capacity to contribute to the longer term 20-year strategic housing target for the District.
  4. The housing strategy requirements outlined in Objective 10 of A Metropolis of Three Cities that include:
    1. Creating capacity for more housing in the right locations.
    2. Supporting planning and delivery of growth areas and planned precincts as relevant to each local government area.
    3. Supporting investigation of opportunities for alignment with investment in regional and district infrastructure.
    4. Supporting the role of centres.
Will there be zoning changes?2020-11-18T12:36:31+10:00

The Housing Strategy does not identify rezonings or changes to planning controls, other than those outlined in the Local Strategic Planning Statement, which include the development of government land at Cherrybrook Station and redevelopment of the Hornsby Town Centre. However, Council has requested exemptions from State-imposed policies such as Seniors Housing and Medium Density. To gain potential exemptions, Council will need to demonstrate how and where it is providing, or can in the future provide, adequate supply of these forms of housing.

How does this relate to the Local Strategic Planning Statement?2020-07-31T11:56:18+10:00

Council’s Local Strategic Planning Statement was adopted in February 2020 and published on the NSW Planning Portal in March 2020. The purpose of a local housing strategy is to set out (in more detail than the Local Strategic Planning Statement) the priorities, actions and capacity for housing in a local area to demonstrate how housing supply targets will be met. 

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